Zbigniew J. Grzywna

Z.J.G.'s photo email: Zbigniew.Grzywna@polsl.pl
phone: +48 32 2371752
fax: +48 32 2371722
Z.J.G.'s workplace


Full Professor of Physical Sciences

Silesian University of Technology (SUT)
Faculty of Chemistry
Department of Physical Chemistry and Technology of Polymers
Div. of Physical Chemistry
Section of Physics and Applied Mathematics
Strzody 9, 44-100 Gliwice, POLAND


Chemical Physics:
  • Diffusion Limited Aggregation (DLA)
  • Self-similar (fractal) Patterns Formation
  • Chemical Dynamics
Physics and Biophysics:
  • Nonlinear Diffusion Problems (semi and quasilinear problems)
  • Transport Through Membranes
  • Chaos and nonlinear phenomena in ionic transport through membranes
  • Fractals and Chaos in general
  • Structure and morphology problems
  • Analytical methods for solving nonlinear PDEs
  • Parabolic and hyperbolic heat-diffusion equations
  • Numerical and computational methods for solving DEs
  • Stochastic methods



Zbigniew Grzywna, Aleksandra Rybak, Przemysław Borys, Experimental physics. Laboratory for chemistry students, Gliwice : Wydaw. Politechniki Śląskiej, 2014, Skrypt nr 2531


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