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It happened to me to take adventage of x-ray for single crystal diffraction. As a result of this analysis one can get (after several days of work) exect structure of a molecule, which builds the crystal. After exciting artwork using some nice Linux software the molecules are my best exemples of the masterwork of nature. Enjoy!
Bisperoxide p-(Ph-C(CH3)2-O-O-)2-C6H4.
My first crystalline complex formed in reaction of allyl phenyl sulfide and [RuClH(CO)PPH3)3].
Same as above, from other view.
It seemed to be another bisperoxide, but it truned to be the product of its decomposition :-(
16-membered macrocyclic loop baced on mannopiranoside - nice ligand for coordination.
Fused rings also made by prof. Maslinaska group.
That was a surprise - Dr. W. Szczepankiewicz expected another compound!
Shiny, like a Christmac tree ;-).
My Swedish research - the product of iodine substitution by pyridine in Pt complex.
And the substrate for the above complex - University of Lund, Sweden.
Genisteine derivative - sample from prof. Szeja's group.
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